16.12.2023 Article

Yet another of Santa Maria's spices - Creamy White Pepper - receives the highest ranking, 3 stars, in the prestigious Superior Taste Award, which is granted by the International Taste institute. The jury, consisting of 200 world-renowned chefs and sommeliers conclude: “An excellent white pepper with lots of aromatic power”. 

Santa Maria Creamy White Pepper with Superior Taste Award logo

The Superior Taste Award is a certification granted by the International Taste Institute to products which have received a score of 70% or higher in a blind taste test, conducted by a jury of world-class chefs. The products are evaluated in terms of first impression, taste, vision, aroma, and texture.  

In addition to Creamy White Pepper, Santa Maria's Tellicherry Black Pepper, Cardamom, and Saffron have all received Superior Taste Award in recognition of their high quality and exceptional taste.

White pepper - a versatile spice

White pepper is the fully ripe berry from the pepper plant Piper Nigrum. It has a rich, warm and biting heat. Santa Maria’s Creamy White Pepper is cultivated in Malaysia, by many considered the home of the finest white pepper in the world.   

A pile of white pepper corns

Once harvested, the pepper berries are put into running water to dissolve the fruit flesh. After 1-2 weeks, the peppercorns are retrieved and freed from their shells and fruit flesh. After the drying process, the beautiful light, creamy color becomes visible. 


White pepper is often used to season white fish or mashed potatoes. But it has so many other uses! Here are some tips on how to vary your dishes with white pepper: 

Soups and stews 
White pepper can enhance the taste of your favorite soup or stew, whether it's a creamy potato and leek soup or a rich chili. 

Asian seasoning 
Explore using white pepper in Asian dishes like stir-fries and spicy soups for a mild spiciness. 

Italian dishes 
Add white pepper to Italian dishes like Carbonara and risottos for a subtle spicy flavor. 

Nordic flavors 
Use white pepper in Swedish dishes like meatballs and gravlax for a subtle spicy touch. 

And if you want to try something different to impress at the dinner table, these sweet tips are for sure going to tickle your taste buds: 

White Pepper-Infused Honey: Mix white pepper into honey for a unique flavor experience. This flavored honey can be used as a sweetener in tea or on toast. 

White Pepper in Desserts: Try using white pepper in sweets like vanilla ice cream or white chocolate mousse. The subtle spice adds an interesting contrast to the sweetness. 

Grilled Pineapple with White Pepper: Sprinkle white pepper on grilled pineapple for an interesting flavor contrast between sweet and spicy." 

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