At Paulig we are constantly renewing ourselves, passionately looking for new flavours, solutions and ways of working. But we also keep a close eye on the next generation. And to be more precise, on our children and youngsters. As we want to contribute to the well-being of future generations, we put our full focus on them in our sponsorship programs.

Our aim is long-term sponsorships that can be part of our corporate brand and marketing communication and that align with our sustainability focus areas.

In our sponsorships we focus on three priorities:  

  • Supporting children and youngsters in need
  • Healthy lifestyle 
  • Environmental awareness and climate initiatives 

Sponsored and partner organisations 

We sponsor, support and partner with international NGOs and local organisations through different forms of collaboration to make a bigger impact.

Save the Children

A teacher from Save the Children in a class room.

Together with Save the Children in India, Paulig has worked continuously for the past 4 years to get children in 30 spice-growing villages in India to enroll in school and receive the education that is rightfully theirs. Read more.

DEI & Pride 

Paulig logotype in Pride colors

Human rights and equality are core values for Paulig. We value every person as an individual and a professional and expect the same from our suppliers and partners. To strengthen our commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace we have launched a company-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policy

We also partnered with Workplace Pride, a Dutch non-profit foundation focused on LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the workplace. This international collaboration reinforces our commitment to promoting the rights of LGBTIQ+ employees across all countries in which Paulig operates. In 2023 we continued our partnership with Helsinki Pride for the third year in a row. Helsinki Pride is the biggest culture and human rights event focused on the sexual and gender minorities in Finland. Read more

SOS Children’s Village 

A child writing on a smartphone

Paulig is a main partner of SOS Children's Village in Finland and supports the development of the Läksyapu service and the operation of the Apuu chat platform. Read more.

Aseman Lapset Ry in Finland (Children of the Station) 

Paulig has been supporting Aseman Lapset organisation's Walkers concept for 25 years. Children of the Station is a politically and religiously unaffiliated national organization that focuses on supporting the safe growth of children and youth and increasing their well-being and social inclusion. Their Walkers concept provides youth with safe environments where volunteer adults work in conjunction with professionals. They have a network of Walker youth cafes, Walkers buses and camper vans and other meeting places maintained by local authorities around Finland. Paulig provides annual coffees for the meeting places. 

Haiba Children’s Village in Estonia 

Paulig Estonia has a long cooperation with the Haiba Children's Home through different projects and collaborations. In 2020, Paulig donated green energy to the Children’s Home, which was collected as part of the used coffee grounds campaign. A nice annual tradition is a taco lunch with fun activities or joint cooking classes. Read more. 

Mirada Jove in Spain

Mirada Jove is an initiative organized by Paulig, in collaboration with the Berguedà Educational Resource Centre and Berga’s Town Council, aimed at all primary, secondary, musical and special education students in the Berguedà region. Students have to create artistic works and compositions, cooperating and organizing themselves to work as a team. Mirada Jove fosters creativity, promotes critical thinking in the classroom, and improves the skills, cooperation, consensus and teamwork of the students in an inclusive environment. Every year is dedicated to a specific theme, which is always related to the territory and with a strong focus on sustainability, people and the planet. 

Maträtt in Sweden

Maträtt is a social supermarket that sells surplus functional food and provides vocational training opportunities for individuals looking to enter the workforce. Since 2001, Paulig has donated 80 tons of products - food that would otherwise have become food waste due to short best-before dates, damaged packaging, or labels with printing errors. In Sweden, Paulig donates products that would otherwise go to waste to a total of four organizations: the Rescue Mission (Gothenburg), Help a Homeless Person (Malmö), Food Mission (Stockholm), and Stadsmissionen (Gothenburg).