With the ambition of being a sustainable frontrunner in the industry, Paulig seeks to promote ethical practices in all our operating countries. Paulig's Responsible Marketing & Communications Guidelines are based on ICC’s Framework for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing Communications and firmly rooted in our purpose and values and aligned with our sustainability approach, business ambitions and overarching ethical principles


  • Paulig is committed to integrity and consistency in all our operating markets. That means that these guidelines apply to all markets where Paulig sells and promotes our products. ​
  • Paulig’s marketing and communications must, as a minimum, always conform to local laws and regulations.​
  • Paulig can and will take a stand on societal matters that are relevant to our business, company and brands and where our contribution can benefit people and planet.​
  • Paulig does not as a rule of thumb mention or discuss competitors.


  • All Paulig's marketing and communications should accurately represent the characteristics of the product featured, such as product name, taste, size, nutritional composition and health benefits.​
  • Where statistics, claims or standards are used in marketing and communications, they should be supported with appropriate scientific evidence. ​
  • If referencing external studies, statistics, testimonials or other data, the source should always be acknowledged in close reference to the information.​
  • Paulig should not present product properties and statistics in such a way as to exaggerate the validity of claim. As an example, consumer taste tests should not be used in a way that might imply statistical validity if there is none.​

Honesty and transparency

  • Our marketing and communications should always be honest and truthful and not mislead the audience. ​
  • We provide our customers, consumers and other stakeholders with an accurate image of our company, products and services in order for them to make well-informed decisions.​
  • We foster transparency and proactively share news about our company and brands. We openly address challenges and issues when relevant to our stakeholders, in order to maintain trust in our company and the industry at large.


  • Paulig seeks to portray diversity and inclusiveness in our marketing and communications. We do not discriminate on gender, nationality, age or sexual orientation.​
  • Paulig is an international company which celebrates diversity and appreciates cultural differences. We always seek to understand and be inspired by different cultures, and refrain from what could be perceived as cultural appropriation.    ​

Health and environment

  • Paulig should encourage and promote a sustainable lifestyle and not endorse practices which disregard safety and health and could cause harm on people or planet.​
  • We do not condone excess consumption of food and/or beverages, considering both the health and food waste aspects of large portions.​
  • We always seek the environmentally friendly options when it comes to marketing and communications material. We carefully consider the amount of material needed to avoid waste.​
  • Featuring alcoholic beverages in visuals, texts or recipes should as a rule of thumb be avoided. If the portrayal of alcoholic beverages is deemed to be justified, the text or visuals should be prepared with caution.

Child protection

  • Paulig does not in its’ marketing and communications target children below 12 years of age. ​
  • When featuring children or teens in marketing and communications, the following principles must be met: ​
    • Children below 12 years of age must have the consent of both parents/caretakers if featured in influencer channels paid/sponsored by Paulig. ​
    • Children and teens are not to be portrayed in unsafe situations or engaging in actions harmful to themselves or others.​

Paulig is to ensure that all those involved in the company’s marketing and communications activities are aware of Paulig’s principles for responsible marketing and communication. It is the duty of Paulig’s associates to ensure that our external collaborators and partners also adhere to our standards.​

The guidelines are reviewed on a yearly basis and, if necessary, updated to ensure consistency with our policies and possible changes in the marketplace and company.