29.1.2023 Press release
Paulig is known for gathering flavours from all corners of the world. With many consumers longing for new taste experiences, the Paulig-owned Santa Maria brand is relaunching and adding new flavours to the spice blends range - aimed at simplifying and bringing variation to your everyday cooking.

Taste is, hardly surprising, one of the most important factors when consumers go grocery shopping. But the pandemic and an increase in number of meals being prepared at home, have made many of us long for more variation. At the same time, consumers want a quick solution. It should be easy to create great-tasting food.

The solution? One of the easiest ways to bring variation is spelled spices. High-quality spices make up a very small part of the dinner cost but make all the difference when it comes to taste. And there are endless combinations to enhance the flavour of a dish. That is a well-known fact at Paulig, where the Santa Maria brand stands for exquisite and award-winning quality and taste since 1911.

With the “World of Flavours” range, which gathers spice blends influenced by cuisines from near and far, the Santa Maria brand makes it easy for consumers to rekindle the love of cooking and in a simple way vary everyday dishes. New additions to the range include Korean BBQ, Sriracha, Curry Red, Wok spice and Five spice and are available in selected markets.

Did you know?

  • At Paulig, we prioritize long-term relationships with our spice suppliers. We travel the world to make regular audits and foster fruitful collaborations, making it possible to develop and maintain sustainable practices together with our suppliers.
  • Paulig owns two spice factories, in which we grind and mix our spice blends. Having full control of the production process, gives us the possibility to secure high-quality spices at all times.
  • Paulig never buys spices from spice markets, as this would make it challenging for us to identify and audit the source.
  • With high-quality spices, you need a smaller amount to achieve a great-tasting result!

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