13.10.2023 Press release
With an investment of over €2 million, the launch of a new pellet snacks line enables Paulig to expand its product offering and create more innovative, sustainable, and customized snack alternatives. The new line produces a wide range of 3D snacks, featuring various shapes, ingredients, and textures. Additionally, all snack pellets produced on the new line are gluten-free. With the capacity to produce over 20,000 kilograms of snack pellets per day, the new line significantly increases the pellet production capacity at Paulig's main factory in Spain. 

Launching the new pellet snacks line supports Paulig’s strategy to grow in the snacking category by offering improved performance and versatility. The new line allows for the expansion of the snacking portfolio offering with new 3D, uniquely shaped snack pellets, suitable for frying or expanding with air or salt, providing better-for-you options.  

The new line is equipped with the latest technology, enabling the exploration of new innovations and providing greater production and supply capacity to Paulig's customers. This new line produces over 20,000 kilograms of snack pellets per day and more than 7,000 tonnes per year, significantly increasing the pellet production capacity at the Berga factory. The line is powered by 100% renewable energy, primarily derived from biomass and photovoltaic solar energy sources.  

The new line began operating in September 2023. 

Innovations on snacking driving growth 

Paulig acquired Spanish-based Liven in 2022 to accelerate growth in Tex Mex and snacking categories. Increasing snacking innovation and production capacity is an important part of executing company’s growth strategy and supports Paulig’s ambition to become one of the fastest growing, profitable food and beverage companies in Europe and a sustainable frontrunner in the industry.  

After combining Paulig’s strong Tex Mex and flavouring expertise with Liven’s agile manufacturing and innovation capabilities, Paulig has launched many new, delicious products: 

About Paulig 

Paulig is a family-owned food and beverage company, growing a new, sustainable food culture – one that is good for both people and the planet. Paulig provides all things tasty; coffees and beverages, Tex Mex and spices, snacks and plant-based choices. The company's brands are Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Poco Loco and Zanuy. Paulig’s sales amounted to EUR 1,1 billion in 2022. The company has 2,300 passionate employees in 13 different countries working around the purpose For a life full of flavour. www.pauligroup.com

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