4.4.2023 Press release
A shortcut to professional signature snacks, is what Paulig PRO promises with the launch of the new innovative Santa Maria Snack Bases. In less than a minute, you are able to cook and serve crispy Corn Cones and Lentil Waves, flavoured with your favorite spices - making the taste and experience unique for your guests.

Snacking is on the rise, and with the boom of professional DIY snacks and guests craving affordable ”wow” experiences”, Santa Maria Snack Bases meet a new and growing demand in the out-of-home-market place.  

Santa Maria Snack Bases are delivered as pellets and expand up to 5 times when cooked. By making them to order, you can offer guests a fresh, appetizing snack. And the most important thing of all – by adding the spices of your choice, you create your own signature snacks that is unique to your establishment.

- We know that our customers are eager to put their own touch to their food and drinks and with the innovative Snack Bases from Santa Maria, there are endless possibilities to do so. Just season them with your favorite spices and as an example - offer the Lentil Waves as Golden Chips, but adding turmeric and salt or go for the Corn Cones and turn them into super tasty, sweet snacks by adding ground cinnamon and vanilla sugar. With the new Snack Bases, the magic simply lies in your hands, says Karin Öjersjö, Global Brand & Portfolio Director OOH.

Both the Corn Cones and Lentil Waves can be served as e.g. bar snacks, side dishes or toppings or with dips or even as ingredients in a Caesar salad, soup or hamburger. And with both variants being vegan and gluten-free, basically every guest is a potential buyer.

Unlike e.g. fries, the Snack Bases don’t have to be stored chilled or frozen. As they expand up to 5 times the size when fried, the transportation and storage is also made more efficient and sustainable. They are simply smart in so many ways.


  1. Deep-fry at 180-200oC (Lentil Waves 12 – 15 s & Corn Cones 25 – 60 s)
  2. Put in a dry container to get rid of excessive oil
  3. Flavour your way with ground spices (flavouring right after cooking makes the spices stick better)
  4. Serve warm or cold

The snacks can be reheated using a microwave oven or heat lamp.

If not served directly store the cooked snacks in a dry airtight container.

Pack the snacks separately for take away. Paper is preferable over plastic.


The Snack Bases make it easy to create signature snacks in line with any restaurant, bar or pub concept. Simply use the spices and spice blends already available.

Find inspiration here: Santa Maria Snack bases 2023.pdf  


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