11.2.2020 Press release
Paulig with its growth strategy aims at international growth, which is sought especially from the Tex Mex and plant-based proteins categories. Paulig is today the leading Tex Mex company in Europe, and Gold&Green Pulled Oats was just awarded the “Horecava Innovation Award 2020” in the Netherlands. 

The family-owned Paulig has more than 140 years of successful history behind and today, the company employs approximately 2,000 people in 13 countries. The international company’s portfolio includes popular food and beverage brands, such as Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Poco Loco and Gold&Green.

“Most people in for example Finland and Russia know us as a coffee house, but we are so much more. We aim for international growth, especially in the Tex Mex and plant-based protein categories. We are already the leading Tex Mex company in Europe and the category grew by an average of 6% last year. There is also a lot of global interest in Gold&Green Pulled Oats and we believe that growth will continue as plant-based diets continue to become more common,” says Rolf Ladau, CEO of Paulig.

Tex Mex is growing 

In 2019, Paulig’s sales within the Tex Mex category grew in several of the company’s market areas: for example in Finland sales developed positively by 12 per cent. In the company’s largest Tex Mex market, Sweden, the growth was 6 per cent. 

“Tex Mex is perfect for many situations. It’s easy to try out new flavours with tacos and tortillas and use vegetables and plant-based proteins as their toppings. Everyone can make a dish with their favourite ingredients. I think that is what makes Tex Mex food so popular,” says Rolf Ladau.

Growth of the plant-based protein category continues

The food industry plays a crucial role in committing to practices of sustainable development, and it also has the opportunity to introduce sustainable alternatives to dinner tables.

“The food industry can affect sustainable development and provide even more products and services that promote the well-being of both people and the planet. An increasing number of people want to move towards a more plant-based diet,” says Ladau. 

The internationalisation of the Gold&Green Pulled Oats product continues, and the product has raised massive interest in several different markets. In the Netherlands, the product received the Horecava Innovation Award 2020 in January. 

“Pulled Oats is an outstanding example of the food trend, in which sustainability is key. Pulled Oats is a game changer with a technological innovation that stands out. In the current market, the product represents the next level compared to the competition,” the jury of the Horecava Innovations Award states in its award argument.

“In fact, almost Paulig’s entire offering is plant-based, and we think it’s the right direction also going forward,” continues Ladau.

Coffee and spices are Paulig’s core business

Coffee and spices will continue as Paulig’s core business, and these product groups will play a key role in the company’s portfolio also in the future. 
“We are among the world’s most sustainable coffee industry businesses because all our coffee comes from verified sustainable sources. In the new decade, we will further develop sustainable practices together with our partners so that we can ensure the preconditions for farming coffee and high-quality spices also in the future,” says Ladau.

A new purpose to support the future journey

On the threshold of the new decade, the purpose of Paulig’s was formulated to support the company’s journey onwards. It reads: Paulig - For a life full of flavour. 
“For me, this means that life is a collection of smaller and bigger moments, events and interactions. We want to make people’s everyday life meaningful and create flavours and moments that leave a great aftertaste,” concludes Rolf Ladau.  

Paulig will publish its annual report and sustainability report on 24 April 2020.

Anita Laxén
Director, Communications, Paulig Group

Tel: +358 40 77 00873
E-mail: anita.laxen@paulig.com


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