16.1.2020 Press release
The Nordic revolutionary plant-based protein Pulled Oats® was named the “game changer” at Horecava*, the largest foodservice fair in the Netherlands in mid-January 2020. Pulled Oats® won the Best Innovative Product Award in the Food & Beverage category and was also the overall winner among all categories. 

“Pulled Oats® is an outstanding example for the social debate concerning responsible food in which sustainability is key. Pulled Oats® is a game changer, where technological innovation stands out. In the current market, the product represents the next level,” the jury of the Horecava Innovations Award states in its award argument.

Pulled Oats® is a Finnish innovation and the answer for people, who strive to increase responsible choices and reduce meat consumption. It is a delicious, oat-based protein with as much protein as beef. It is made from Nordic oats and beans by mechanical heating and abrading –  no additives or chemicals are used in any part of the production process.

Pulled Oats® was introduced to the Dutch market a year ago in January 2019 at the Horecava fair. It is available exclusively in The Netherlands’ biggest retail chain Albert Heijn. It is also found in other retailers as co-branded meal solutions and on the menu of chosen ambassador restaurants. 

“Winning the Innovation Award as well as being the overall winner at Horecava 2020 is a final and undisputable proof  of successful product innovation, where quality, taste, and user-friendliness meet consumers’ demands in delicious and sustainable plant-based foods. Earlier this year, Pulled Oats® also received the Product of the Year prize in the meat substitutes category,” says Arthur Ham, Country Manager at Paulig Benelux Retail & Out of Home.

Pulled Oats® has been a commercial success since its launch in 2016 making people enjoy tasty food both at both home and professional kitchens. The product is currently available in retail in Finland and Netherlands, and it is rapidly expanding to new markets. Hundreds of professional kitchens in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Netherland, Belgium, Spain, and Germany have already introduced Pulled Oats® as a permanent ingredient on their menus.

* The Horecava Innovation Award is an annual prize rewarded for the best innovations in the Dutch foodservice industry. In 2020, a more than 170 entries where submitted in four different categories, the majority of them in the Food & Beverage category.

For more information, please contact:

Mireille Beij, Marketing Manager, BeNe
E-mail: Mireille.Beij@paulig.com
Phone: +31 30 602 3490

Arthur Ham 
Country Manager Benelux Retail & Out of Home
E-mail: Arthur.Ham@paulig.com 
Phone: +31 30 602 3499


About Pulled Oats®
Pulled Oats® is a Finnish innovation. It’s the perfect protein, made with just five simple and wholesome plant-based ingredients: oats, yellow peas, faba beans, cold-pressed canola oil and salt. Gold&Green Foods is on a mission to provide people with healthy, ecological and delicious food without compromising taste. Pulled Oats® is perfect not only because of its nutritional value and amino acid composition, but also because it is sustainable. It contains no animal-based or genetically manipulated ingredients, no additives, fillers or preservatives.

About Gold&Green Foods
Gold&Green Foods was founded in 2015 to create innovative, ecological and healthy food products from oats and legumes. The heart of our business is the use of Nordic oats and a completely unique production process. Read more at goldandgreenfoods.com.   



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