Our products

Our selection includes Tex Mex, snacks, coffees, World Foods and spices. Our beloved brands; Paulig, Santa Maria, Risenta, Poco Loco and Zanuy. We also manufacture products for our private label and industry customers. Paulig was founded in 1876 and is 100% owned by the Paulig family. We have 2,200 passionate employees in 13 different countries. In 2023 our revenue was approximately 1,2 billion euros. 

  • We are the European Tex Mex market leader, and our products are sold in 70 countries. Our Tex Mex assortment includes everything needed for a taco meal: for example, tortillas, spice mixes, taco shells, salsa and sauces, pita bread and dip mixes. Our Tex Mex assortment also includes tortilla and nacho chips in various flavours. 
  • Our coffee products roasted coffee, cold brewed coffee, chocolate drinks, filter papers and services. We also offer our professional customers complete coffee solutions for offices, cafes and restaurants, stores and other areas. We are a market leader in coffee in Finland and hold a strong market position in all the other markets as well. Our coffee is 100% from verified sustainable sources.  
  • Snacking is one of our fastest growing categories and we offer a wide range of snacking products: from popped chips to popcorn, corn nuts and bites and a complete portfolio of pellet-based snacks. We sell snacks under our Santa Maria brand and also manufacture snack products for our customers’ own brands and our industry customers.  
  • In addition to Tex Mex, our World Food products include flavours from other worldwide cuisines.  Our Asia assortment is inspired by the flavours and dishes found in the Asian kitchen. The assortment ranges from noodles, Asian Steamed buns, coconut milk, and sweet chilli sauces to flavouring products such as wok sauces, cooking sauces, spice mixes, pastes and condiment sauces. Our India assortment includes key products such as Naan bread, mango chutney and spice mixes to make the most common Indian dishes like Tikka Masala or Tandoori Chicken. 
  • Our Flavouring category includes over 600 different products in two assortments: BBQ and Spices, both under our Santa Maria brand. Our wide spice assortment is complemented by organic spices and “World of Flavours”, which are exciting spice mixes inspired from cuisines around the world, and the “Extra Fine Selection” of premium spices range. Our BBQ assortment includes everything needed for creating a whole barbeque experience: from rubs, marinades, grill oils to BBQ sauces in different flavours. 
  • Our Risenta brand’s assortments includes Seeds & Kernels, Specialty Flours, and Breakfast and Snacking products, among others.  

Our locations

We have operations in 13 countries and we are headquartered in Helsinki, Finland (Vuosaari). Our sales teams are serving our customers and stakeholders from local offices around the world.  

We have altogether 11 factories, out of which 7 have achieved CarbonNeutral® building certificate. Our goal is to have all our factories carbon neutral by end of 2025.  

  • Our vast range of Tex Mex products are made in Belgium (tortillas, wraps, tacos, chips and dinner kits in Roeselare), Sweden (tortillas in Landskrona and spice mixes in Mölndal), Spain (tortilla and corn chips and tortillas in Berga) and in the United Kingdom (tortillas in Milton Keynes). 
  • Our iconic coffees are roasted in Finland, in the Vuosaari (Helsinki) and Robert Paulig (Porvoo) roasteries.  
  • Our delicious snacks come from Spain (Berga & Puig-reig) and Belgium (Roeselare). 
  • Our Santa Maria spices are produced in Estonia (Saue) and Sweden (Mölndal).  
  • In Mölndal we also we produce a variety of Risenta products such as mueslis, seeds & kernels, flours and different cooking ingredients. 
Map picture of Paulig countries 2023