1.6.2020 Article

The European Commission published its Farm to Fork strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system in May 2020. With a comprehensive agenda for the whole food production value chain, Europe moves towards a more sustainable, secure and robust food system. Paulig’s freshly published sustainability approach contributes to this strategy in many ways. Our aim is to drive the future of food and our sustainability targets are based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, resulting in the same focus areas with the new Farm to Fork strategy. 

The Food & Beverage industry plays a key role in global climate and health solutions and we at Paulig are committed to contribute to the sustainable future of food. We see a great need for this kind of joint vision for a sustainable food system – to mitigate climate change, reverse loss of biodiversity, safeguard food security, and ensure healthy diets. 

Let’s build the future of food together!

The transition towards a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system needs collaboration and innovation. Paulig aims to be a sustainable frontrunner in the Food and Beverage industry and we invite also other frontrunning companies to this dialogue.  
We are ready to actively participate in the studies, assessments, consultations and both regulative and non-regulative initiatives that are needed to implement the Farm to Fork strategy. 

A global perspective is key, and we have to find an international cooperation instrument. The change requires integrating sustainability both in business strategies and in international trade agreements. I believe, that together we can implement the Farm to Fork strategy and build food chains that work for consumers, producers, the climate and the environment. 

Ensuring a life full of flavour for future generations 

Paulig develops food culture for the future and provides solutions to drive the well-being of people and the planet, for example through our wide plant-based product offering. 

We keep following, and actively participating in the discussions on, EU- level initiatives. A new EU carbon farming initiative under the Climate Pact is a good step forward. We support this and the carbon market development as one of our targets is to decrease carbon emission by 50% in our value chain and promote sustainable farming methods. 

The implementation of our ambitious sustainability approach continues, and we commit to increase the collaboration with our partners, customers and stakeholders for the future of food. I am happy to say that we at Paulig are fully on board, and I am pleased with this new European strategy.

Farm to Fork Fact Box


Lea Rankinen, Director, Sustainability and Public Affairs

Lea Rankinen


Sustainability and Public Affairs



Working together and sharing the same ambitions lead to a bigger impact.”