27.2.2024 Article

We are committed to work for the bright future of coffee and we want to change the world for the better together with our partners in the origin countries. We have been working on sustainability topics systematically for several years and reached over 100,000 coffee farmers through different partnership projects. 

Examples of our latest projects

  • We started a project in Burundi in 2020. During the years we have supported almost 10,000 coffee farmers to increase revenue and combat poverty. 
  • We established a farmer community in Costa Rica in 2017. Our projects in this area are focusing on providing water, fertilizers, and community infrastructure to around 100 farmers. 
  • In Guatemala we have a project that aims to help the farmers access finance and inputs for their farms, such as fertilizers. The program also ensures that the seed capital stays in the community and serves the farmer group for many years.
  • We just finalized a multi-year project (2017–2023) in Ethiopia. The project provided agricultural training to around 2000 farmers. In addition, we participated in rebuilding local schools, and building maize mills.
  • In June 2022 we launched coffee climate projects in the coffee origin countries to encourage the implementation of climate-smart farming practices to meet our science-based target to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our value chain by 50% by 2030. Paulig’s climate projects in Brazil, Colombia, and Nicaragua support farmers in the sustainable and profitable cultivation of coffee. The projects are tailored in co-operation with our partners and the farming community to suit the local needs of the area in question. Read more about our climate projects here.
  • Paulig is also working with Climate Impact Partners and South Pole as our compensation partners and has chosen third party certified forest conservation and reforestation projects for offsetting the residual emissions. Read more here.