17.12.2020 Press release
On Dec 10th Paulig hosted a panel discussion about how to move towards a sustainable food culture at EAT@Home. The title was “Flavour – the essence of change?” and in the panel were experts from Coop, WWF, The Bacon Hospital, Kristianstad University and Paulig. You can now watch the event for free on our web page.

We know that what we put on our plate today, will make a difference tomorrow. But how do we make it easier to make sustainable choices? Is taste the key? Enjoy our panel discussion where experts within sustainability, marketing and science share their views and experiences.

List of panelists: 

  • Charlotta Szczepanowski, Sustainability & Quality Manager Coop, Sweden
  • Stella Höynälänmaa, Content Lead Eat4Change, WWF Finland
  • Martin Kann, Creative Director, The Bacon Hospital, Sweden
  • Karin Wendin, Professor in Food & Meal Science at Kristianstad University, Sweden
  • Lea Rankinen, Director Sustainability & Public Affairs at Paulig

Play the video: 

About EAT and EAT@Home

EAT is a non-profit dedicated to transforming our global food system through sound science, impatient disruption and novel partnerships. EAT@Home is EAT’s new digital platform where its partners will, in parallel to newscasts, host a series of side sessions. These online events delve into the transformation of food systems across health, climate change, biodiversity, and social equity. 

For more information, please contact: 
Nils Sjöberg, Communications Manager Sweden, Paulig
+46 700 85 24 11 or nils.sjoberg@paulig.com 

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