19.8.2020 Press release
It's 1940. World War II is raging and there is a shortage of food in Sweden. Young entrepreneur Uno Grindby decides to start importing rice to the hungry population; Risenta is born! Today, 80 years later, the yellow brand – with its’ healthy, 100% climate compensated products, is more relevant and loved than ever. And Paulig intends to keep it that way. The company is now relaunching the brand and the assortment - with a new brand platform, new packaging, new design and even better content. With this relaunch, Paulig wants to reach a broader target group with Risenta’s healthy, sustainable products, thus taking yet another step in reaching Paulig’s high set sustainability ambitions.

Curiosity and award-winning innovations

Risenta is a brand born out of entrepreneurship, passion and curiosity. From the start, Risenta's employees traveled the world in search of new trends and raw materials for their naturally healthy products. The entrepreneurial spirit permeated the company and the range grew. Today, the portfolio contains a variety of products, including muesli, nuts, seeds, kernels, flour, groats and pasta.

Since 2015, the Risenta brand is owned by Paulig and the brand has a number of acclaimed innovators in its portfolio. And the long journey has not previously gone unnoticed; almost 9 out of 10 know the Risenta brand. But, as everyone knows, you have to renew yourself every now and then, right?

Relaunch of brand and assortment

2020 means not only a major anniversary for Risenta, but also an update of the brand platform, range, packaging, logo and design. With the relaunch, Risenta aims for a more modern expression and to inspire consumers to make healthy choices that taste really, really good. The brand invests in a broader target group and wants to counteract health anxiety; making good choices should be easy and joyful. And sustainability will always be the cornerstone of Risenta's journey, just as it has been since 1940.

- Risenta is a loved brand that fits Paulig's portfolio and strategy perfectly. As a company, Paulig has high ambitions in sustainability and health, and with Risenta we can really help achieve these goals - and make a positive change for both people and the planet. With healthy content, improved packaging and 100% climate-compensated products, we aim to keep Risenta relevant and alive for at least another 80 years, says Christopher Westerberg, portfolio manager at Paulig.

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