31.5.2019 Press release
Paulig renews its organisation to focus on growth and develop its business. The co-operation negotiations involving the office and managerial employees in the whole group have been concluded. The decisions have been made regarding the re-organisation of the functions and the final headcount reduction is 71 people in the whole group. Originally, it was estimated that the need for redundancies would be a maximum of 120 people.  

The negotiations covered the new operating model and the dismantling of business overlaps. The decision regarding the final headcount redundancy need has been made and it has decreased from the initial estimate of maximum 120 persons to 71 persons (25 in Finland, 20 in Sweden and 26 in other operating countries). The number is lower than estimated due to alternative solutions such as retirements, fixed-term contracts coming to their term and resignations.  

“Employee deductions are never easy but sometimes a necessary part of renewing the business. We want to stay relevant in consumers’ lives and provide one face towards our customers with a full Paulig offering in all our markets. We are confident that these targets can be achieved with our new organisational structure“, states Rolf Ladau, CEO of Paulig.    

In the new organizational structure, Paulig will establish geographical business areas: Finland & Baltics, Scandinavia & Central Europe and East (Russia and surrounding countries). In addition, there is a business area for the group's customer brands operations. Furthermore, central marketing and supply chain organisations are created to within the group. The goal is to further internationalise Paulig's brand portfolio, to broaden the cooperation with the customers, to improve productivity and to scale functional capability building within the whole group.  

The new organization will become effective on June 1st, 2019.   


Anita Laxén, Communications Director, tel. +358 40 770 0873, anita.laxen@paulig.com  



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