1.2.2021 Press release
Just as easy – but with an exciting twist! Santa Maria is launching a new taco concept to add fresh new flavours to our taco dinners. Tsty spice pastes, a range of salsas, a lovely mayo and a tortilla with just the right size and texture. Taco truck feeling at home in an instant!

It is 30 years since Paulig-owned Santa Maria launched Tex Mex on the Swedish market and since then, “Taco Friday” has become something of an institution in Swedish homes. Today, there is a wide range of products for e.g. tacos, burritos, fajitas and enchiladas. And the Swedes never seem to get enough of their "national dish".

- In 2020, tacos topped the list of the most popular weekend dishes. In other words, our 30-year-old is stronger than ever and it feels amazing to now present the next level of Tex Mex. The new Santa Maria taco concept offers varity – without compromising on convenience - and brings a restaurant feeling at home, with new, more mature flavors. We call it Next Mex, says Jenny Odéhn Hejdenberg, Head of Portfolio & Brands World Foods at Paulig.

Inspired by trendy taco trucks, the new range offers a mini-tortilla made from corn and wheat that has more structure than the usual wheat tortilla, spice pastes for vegetables, chicken and beef that you just stir in the frying pan, a lime and jalapeño mayo and three fresh salsas: Taqueria, Peach & Chili and Tomatillo. The products are free of preservatives and without added sugar.

- Our new Next Mex concept is a complement to Santa Maria's classic range; the new flavours are a bit more daring. When children want their usual tacos, parents might ask for variety, but still keep it simple to prepare, says Jenny Odéhn Hejdenberg, Head of Portfolio & Brands World Foods at Paulig, says Jenny Odéhn Hejdenberg, Head of Portfolio & Brands World Foods at Paulig.

Vary your protein source and add new veggies to the taco meal

Paulig's ambition is to offer products that enable the health and well-being of people and planet. And Santa Maria's new taco concept not only tastes great, but also gives us the opportunity to add more greens and plant-based protein to our diet.

- We want to inspire people to make tacos with other ingredients than they normally do, such as tofu, cauliflower or chicken fillet. In addition, we challenge the consumer to use new accompaniments. Why not try pumpkin seeds, feta cheese and red cabbage?, says Jenny Odéhn Hejdenberg.

Launch timings in different markets

The new assortment is launched in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium in the first quartal of 2021.