12.11.2020 Press release
Paulig, owner of the Santa Maria brand, are donating a quarter of a million Swedish kronor to the aid organisation Giving People in Sweden. By featuring the organisation in the Santa Maria Christmas campaign, Paulig also wants to inspire others to donate. 

Today, roughly 186,000 children live in what could be classed as relative poverty in Sweden, based on household income. Another 175,885 children’s families have income that has been assessed by the Crown Bailiff Authority.* This is a situation that Linda Hellquist, General Secretary of Giving People, is working to overcome both in the short and long term:

“The vision of Giving People is that no child in Sweden should be living in conditions of social exclusion or poverty. We strive to accomplish this by finding those families who need immediate assistance to cope with a difficult situation and by changing or removing something that ultimately could lead to permanent poverty."

But what do spices have to do with the cooperation with Giving People?

“For many of us, the smells of cinnamon, cardamom and saffron are closely connected with Christmas. The fragrances for some trigger wonderful childhood memories of the holiday season. At the same time, we know that Christmas is an especially difficult time for children and adults living in poverty. So, together with Giving People, we came up with the idea of giving financial support to the organisation, but just as importantly, we want to shine a light on Giving People and the plight of these impoverished children,” says Eva Berglie, Communications Manager, Paulig Scandinavia & Central Europe.

How can you contribute?

Donations from companies are of course welcome but the core of Giving People’s operation is a network of individuals who travel to the families seeking aid and provide help and assistance. Since its launch in September 2013, the organisation has arranged for the delivery of an enormous number of food parcels as well as clothing, shoes and hygienic items for families with children throughout Sweden.

But there are more ways to help. During the coronavirus pandemic, Giving People has noticed an even greater need for help among vulnerable families, which is why they have made it easy to make a food donation on the organisation’s website. You can also make a donation by, for example, becoming a monthly donor, donating clothes, food and shoes or by buying something nice in the gift shop or by buying a pearl bracelet. You can also support Giving People by becoming a Christmas donor 2020 or donate a sum via the Swish app (number: 123 137 65 24).

“We hope that consumers not only support our collaboration with Giving People by buying spices but are also inspired to get involved in other ways. By supporting Giving People, we can all provide a Merry Christmas in more ways than one,” says Eva Berglie.

*Source: Save the Children Sweden

More information
Giving People: https://givingpeople.se/ 

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