On 25 April 2019, the Annual General Meeting of the Paulig group chose Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae as the new Chairman of the Board. Suvanto-Harsaae has been a Member of the Board of Paulig group since 2008. She replaces Mikael Aru who informed the Board of his resignation. Aru was a Member of the Board for six years, five of which he was Chairman. Jukka Moisio was chosen as a new Member of the Board.

Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae has extensive experience in sales and marketing. She has worked with respected brands in various positions for, among others, Procter & Gamble in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland, and as Managing Director of the Nordic countries for Reckitt Benckiser in Denmark. Suvanto-Harsaae is an experienced board professional. Currently, she is the Chairman of the Board of Altia and also a Board Member at Bo Concept, Footway and SAS. Suvanto-Harsaae was born in 1966 and holds an M.Sc. (B.A.).

The Annual General Meeting chose Jukka Moisio (M.Sc. (B.A.), MBA, b. 1961) as a new Member of the Board. Most recently, Moisio has acted the CEO and President of global food and beverage package expert company Huhtamaki. Before this, he held management positions at Ahlstrom. Jukka Moisio is also a Board Member at Atria and Suomen Messut.

Eduard Paulig was again elected as a Member of the Board as well as Deputy Chairman. Other Members of the Board are Robin Hallberg, Christian Köhler, Harri Pulli and Jon Sundén. Jessica Jungell-Michelsson will continue as the Observer of the Board. Berndt Heikel who has acted as Secretary of the Board since 1983 will resign. Sarah Tähkälä, SVP, Legal & Group Sourcing at Paulig, has been chosen as the new Secretary of the Board.



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