Reetta Kivelä has decided to leave the operational work at Gold&Green Foods and continue the work as the company’s board member. She is one of the founders of Gold&Green Foods and the main inventor of the plant-based protein Pulled Oats.


Pulled Oats® was launched on the Finnish market in 2016. Since then it has become a part of our everyday meals and grown into a multi-million euro business. 
“Having had an opportunity to create the Pulled Oats from the laboratory book to the production site has been an amazing journey. For this I warmly thank the early adapters; consumers, investors, influencers and the team. I’m proud of the comprehensive concepts and technology platforms that will still create multiple opportunities, and the agile way of working that really enabled the miracles to happen”, says Reetta Kivelä, who will leave the position as the Chief Technology Officer on Friday June 14. She will continue her work as a member of the Gold&Green Foods board.

Reetta Kivelä has since the launch of Pulled Oats – among other things – been awarded CTO of the year (2017) and Entrepreneurial Scientist of the Year (2015). Pulled Oats was in 2017 chosen as the Food of the Year by the consumers.

“Reetta’s contribution to the company has been absolutely irreplaceable. Her engagement is huge and the skillful team will continue working in the same spirit”, says Gold&Green Foods CEO Maija Itkonen.

“I want to thank Reetta for these crucial years in developing Gold&Green Foods from a start-up to an established food-tech-company. With Gold&Green Pulled Oats, consumers have been offered a solution that they have requested – a tasty and sustainable protein from the plant kingdom”, says Tina Andersson, Chairman of the Board in Gold&Green Foods.



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