23.9.2019 Press release
Paulig plans to relocate production and warehouse of Risenta products from the facility in Rotebro to the Mölndal factory and Kungsbacka distribution centre in Sweden. Union negotiations will now begin and employees at the Rotebro factory are being offered the opportunity to relocate with the operations. 

In Paulig's facility in Rotebro outside of Stockholm there are 19 employees that work with mixing and packing among other things seeds, kernels, flour, grain, muesli and snacks under the trademark Risenta. The factory opened in 2005 and is now in need of substantial investments in both facilities and equipment. 

"This is a relatively small factory where we see a great need for investments within the near future. After evaluating different solutions, we find that the best option is for our factory in Mölndal, where we produce Santa Maria spices, to take over the operations. At the same time we plan to relocate the warehouse operations in Rotebro to our distribution centre in Kungsbacka," says Henrik Samuelson, responsible for Paulig's operations in Scandinavia and Central Europe.  

Union negotiations are now beginning and the plan is to offer employees at Rotebro the opportunity of relocating with the company to Mölndal or Kungsbacka, where we see a need for an increased number of jobs as a result of the change. 

"Risenta is a strong brand with great products that we really believe in. Our colleagues in Rotebro are doing a good job and I hope that as many as possible will want to follow if the operations relocate. At the same time, I fully understand that this is information that can raise many thoughts and questions with our employees in Rotebro and we will do our best to provide the necessary support," says Henrik Samuelson. 

The ambition is that the transition of operations will be completed by 30 June 2020.  


Eva Berglie 
Communication Manager 
Paulig Scandinavia & Central Europe 
+46 708 99 19 37 

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