16.4.2020 Press release
‘Level I – In World’s Forefront of Occupational Safety’ is the certification awarded to Paulig’s Finnish operations in the Vision Zero Forum’s annual safety level certifications for 2019. The number of occupational accidents in Paulig’s operations in Finland fell to just one accident in 2019, compared to seven accidents in the previous year. 

“This is a tremendous achievement that puts us in a good position to pursue our goal of having a completely accident-free year,” says Lenita Ingelin, SVP, BA Finland & Baltics at Paulig.

The annual targets of the entire Paulig Group’s personnel are linked to safety and the group has set a formal target of zero accidents. In Paulig’s operations in Finland, the year-on-year change in the frequency of workplace accidents leading to lost time was an impressive -88% from 2018 to 2019. The results improved across all safety indicators compared to 2018.

The number of safety observations in Paulig’s Finnish operations rose to nearly 700 in 2019. 


Achieving the highest level in the three-tier safety level certification framework is no coincidence

Paulig systematically pursues a high level of safety and well-being at work, and we share our best practices throughout the Group. 

“The safety of our employees and the partners who work with us always comes first. When it comes to safety, everything starts with the workplace culture. The excellent safety level certification we have now achieved was built through many concrete actions,” says Jorma Varis, Director, Operations Roasting at Paulig. 

We encourage all of our personnel in Finland to develop our occupational safety culture and actively make safety observations. We also use various activation tools and campaigns to expedite matters in this respect. We provide our employees with a convenient tool for reporting observations, and we also reward employees for the observations they make.  Other important proactive safety measures include active communications and regular safety inspections to ensure the safety of employees who visit customer premises as well as the personnel working at our plant. 

Vision Zero Forum promotes good safety practices

Paulig’s Finnish operations were awarded a safety level certification of ‘Level I – In World’s Forefront of Occupational Safety’’ by the Vision Zero Forum coordinated by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Vision Zero Forum is a network formed voluntarily by 440 Finnish workplaces that aims to continuously promote occupational safety and disseminate best practices. Paulig has been a Vision Zero Forum member since 2009. 

More information on the Vision Zero Forum is available online at www.nollis.fi (in Finnish).


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