On Monday, 3 September, Paulig Coffee, or the coffee business operations of the family-owned company, received significant recognition when Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy awarded new management system certificates for their quality, environment and occupational safety systems. Paulig is the first major company in Finland that has been awarded the new ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certificate by Inspecta.

Throughout its long history, Paulig has always invested in occupational safety and the continuous improvement of its operations. This is also proved by the new occupational safety certificate that Paulig received on Monday. Thus far, Inspecta has awarded the certificate to five companies in Finland.

“The occupational health and safety standard ISO 45001 was published in March this year and companies have a three-year transition period in adopting the new standard. However, we at Paulig decided to adopt the new system right away in its publication year as safety is crucial for us and we want to be in the front line in improving our operating methods and working environment,” notes Eija Kupi, Health & Safety Specialist at Paulig, and goes on to say:

“When adopting the standard, we have developed good practices to hear and involve our employees more extensively and emphasised the significance of safe working not only on our own premises but also on our customers’ premises in connection with coffee machine maintenance, for instance. In addition, the standard has helped us see risks as opportunities to develop our operations and processes,” comments Kupi.

In Paulig’s coffee production operations in Vuosaari, occupational safety issues have been made the number 1 priority.

“Employees are committed to our occupational safety culture and, together with supervisors, they are actively developing work instructions and a safe working environment. We have updated our work instructions and are constantly communicating the importance of occupational safety to the personnel. At Paulig, all employees have the right to work in a safe working environment without accidents or injuries,” says Production Manager Minna Mertsalmi.

Long-term work continues

According to Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy’s Managing Mikko Törmänen, the new occupational safety certificate is an indication of Paulig’s safety performance and the solid foundation it is built on.

“Paulig’s quick transition to the new certificate shows that the company has a solid foundation, strong drive and ambitious goals in developing occupational safety. This is an achievement you can be proud of.”

Paulig Coffee’s Managing Director Lenita Ingelin also emphasises the significance of cooperation and long-term work in achieving the goals.

“The safety of our employees is the starting point for all of our operations and at Paulig, there is strong commitment to occupational safety development throughout the organisation, all the way to the management. The certificate is a great achievement and proof of the persistent efforts made and our determined long-term work continues after this, too.”

Jorma Varis, Head of Center of Excellence, Supply Chain & Strategy Implementation at Paulig Coffee, summarises that the core of safety work is the culture of true caring and continuous development.

“We at Paulig are constantly seeking new ways of improving occupational safety, which is an endeavour that is never finished. We strongly support new ideas, turn them into concrete measures and work towards implementing these measures. In this way, we ensure that the development of our safety culture always yields concrete benefits that can also be seen in employees’ daily work.”

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