3.9.2019 Press release
What do our eating habits look like in 5, 10 or 20 years? How has our lifestyle changed? Paulig Incubator (PINC) was established in 2018, and focuses on future business opportunities. Now, PINC is one of the nominated for the prestigious “Livsmedelspriset”. The winner will be announced on September 12.

PINC has an exciting mission: to help the family-owned food company Paulig, owner of the Santa Maria, Risenta, Paulig and Gold & Green brands, enter the future. Situated in the A House, a center for creativity and innovation in the heart of Stockholm, PINC’s greenhouse will serve as a growth engine for startups, both through investments and by using Paulig's networks and strengths: taste, consumer insights, strong brands, distribution and sales.

With the motivation that Paulig "shows a strong drive to increase the innovation power both in the industry and in its’ own company, through the initiation of the company’s own incubator PINC" is now the incubator and of the nominees for the Food Prize.

Marika King has led PINC from the start and is pleasantly surprised with the nomination:

- We love working with entrepreneurs with a clear vision of taste, health and sustainability. If we can help us grow, we not only help ourselves and planets, but I can be a nice addition to Paulig's brands if it feels good for both in the long run. We notice that entrepreneurs appreciate it.

The winner of the award will be announced on September 12.


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