9.3.2020 Press release
Since 2018, the second week of March marks the “Week without Meat” in the Netherlands and Paulig is a proud partner to the nationwide campaign. But such a great initiative should of course be shared across country borders! Paulig now promotes a “Week without Meat” in the company’s restaurants and canteens not only in the Netherlands, but also in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia and Belgium.

Plant-based is on everyone’s lips 

Paulig wants to inspire both employees and consumers to choose plant-based. And the willingness to skip meat has probably never been bigger than today.

"We know that both us working at Paulig and our consumers want to eat less meat, but you might find it a bit challenging to prepare vegetarian dishes. Maybe you are also worried about it not tasting good. But Paulig has the answer to that. We have the knowledge and the products that will make eating healthier and more sustainable easy, fun and definitely tasty," says Arthur Ham, Country Manager for Paulig in the Netherlands. 

Kyra Van Der Leeuw, Brand Activation Manager at Paulig in the Netherlands, tells about the activities planned for the “Week without Meat”:

"We work together with several supermarkets to inspire consumers to try vegetarian alternatives. Cooking demonstrations will take place at several different retailers and we also give inspiration through recipe leaflets, social media platforms and our websites," says Van Der Leeuw. 

What a difference a week makes 

To share great-tasting, vegetarian meals is a healthy and sustainable choice, but do you know exactly how great the aftertaste is? You can already make a difference with one week: with a week without eating meat you can save 7 months worth of shower water and 114 km of car-driving!  

Try these vegetarian dishes and find your favourite one!

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