12.5.2020 Press release
On the 5th of May, Paulig employees joined SOS Children Villages “Giving Tuesday” worldwide movement in Latvia. This year it was also a global symbol of unification initiative in the fight against COVID-19. It presented that also virtually we can be connected and involved in the local community development.

Pauligians created various online workshops in which children from SOS Children's Villages could apply to participate. The idea behind it was to teach new skills, establish new friendship, and be together. Online workshops included Tex Mex meal preparation, BBQ season-opening workshop, summer non-alcoholic cocktail performance, flower art preparation, signing and paper art drawing and cutting.

"During COVID-19 children from SOS Children's Villages are forced to be away from friends. At the present time, every child needs special support to handle this challenging time and feel safe. I feel inspired that also we could show our support and make a little difference in the children's present routine", Country Sales Manager Margarita Aļabjeva-Vaišļa from Paulig tells. 

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