Paulig Café&Store, combining a traditional coffee area, shop and training center for coffee lovers and professionals, opened in Moscow last summer. This year, the place was highly praised by visitors, with 99.6% positive feedback rate via SberFood App. The Paulig Barista Institute carries out different trainings and tastings, following its successful certification according to SCA standards, the training center began offering professional coffee classes. Another specialty area, that showed first results, is the indoor shopping area. A total of 3,500 units were sold during the year, including coffee and branded products.

Paulig Café&Store's first year in numbers and facts:

    • More than 62,000 servings of coffee drinks, almost 2/3 of which were with milk
    • More than 70,000 transactions were made during the year
    • The most popular dishes were “Sirniki” (cottage-cheese fritter) and Karelian specialty “Kalitki”. Tiramisu was leading among desserts
    • Every day, guests ordered coffee into their cups at least twice
    • During the year, the coffee house pored over one tonne of filter coffee. The beverage is popular in Finland, but the Moscow coffee house visitors also got a taste for it.
    • Around one million bonus rubles have been accumulated by the guests through the loyalty program via SberFood App. Nearly 50% of the savings were spent.
    • Paulig Barista Institute is now SCA certified
    • 150 trainings were held at Paulig Barista Institute, half of which were held as cupping and tastings free of charge
    • Cooperation with popular delivery services has started this year

Galina Belousova, General Manager of Paulig Café&Store: "Our team is the real value of Paulig Café&Store. People come for the delicious coffee and food, the atmosphere and the barista's smile. Guests and the team know each other by sight and communicate freely outside of the coffee shop – that is so great! I can proudly say that we have managed to gain the trust of a certain circle of people, to form our own audience. It's pretty hard to do in one year. I would also mention participation in professional championships where
Paulig Café&Store's baristas have taken prizes in cuptesting and latte-art. We plan to continue activities to increase brand awareness. It is important for us to maintain the brand of an expert in the coffee world. In addition, we need to increase the visibility of our barista trainers in the professional community, get to know our consumers even better and strengthen their loyalty to Paulig".
(interview for

Дима Лена

Elena Gushchina, Manager of Paulig Café&Store: "The aim was to promote the brand and get closer to coffee lovers, to tell them about our possibilities, to share knowledge and, of course, to make coffee for guests as well as we can.”. (interview for MoskvichMag)

As part of the festive month, Paulig Café&Store has held press event. There were arranged business and lifestyle interviews with Galina Belousova, Elena Gushchina and Dmitry Korsakov, special project will be also issued in the city guide Afisha.ru.

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