21.2.2019 Press release
Throughout our history at Paulig, we have always been committed to building a better future for the younger generation and contributing to important social initiatives. As a family-owned business, we want to look ahead and contribute to the wellbeing of society as a whole. That is why children and young people have always been at the heart of our corporate social responsibility initiatives. In February 2019, we officially launched our collaboration with the SOS Children’s Village. The collaboration is an opportunity for us to build a better future for families and children.

Paulig and the SOS Children’s Village share the same values and an unstinting commitment to making a sustained difference in the long-term.
“The well-being of children and young people really matters to us at Paulig. Through this collaboration we will have the opportunity to grow together and Mmake an important contribution to the generations to come,” commented Rolf Ladau, CEO and President of Paulig Group.

The SOS Children’s Village works with some of the most vulnerable children and young people and offers support to families both in Finland and around the world. The organisation’s mission is to ensure that all children have the ability to spend an ordinary childhood living in a safe environment surrounded by their families. The organisation works hard to provide help to families at an early stage to ensure that children and their parents can go on living together. However, if it is not possible for children to continue living with their parents even with the support offered to them, the SOS Children’s Village can provide the opportunity for them to grow up in the safety of a foster family.

SOS Children’s Village Finland forms part of the international SOS Children’s Village organisation that works in more 130 countries around the world. The partnership with SOS Children’s Village is a welcome opportunity for Paulig, too, to work internationally.

Corporate partnerships mean that the SOS Children’s Village has the resources it needs to invest in new homes that can flexibly provide accommodation, even for larger groups of siblings. Donations are also used to support, train and recruit SOS parents and families, offer therapeutic support to children who have lived through traumatic events, fund hobbies and other activities and support young people as they begin to gain their independence.

“We would like to thank Paulig for their wonderful decision to lend a hand to Finnish children and families. I am confident that the partnership with the SOS Children’s Village will prove a great fit with Paulig’s proud CSR track record. Children’s wellbeing relies on their families’ well-being. We know that an SOS family can really make a difference to a family that finds itself in difficulty, but there is currently a significant shortage of SOS families in Finland with thousands of children on our waiting lists.  With Paulig’s support, we can expand on our highly successful SOS Family activities programme and do it much faster,” said Annemi Usva-Vänttinen, Corporate Partnerships Manager at SOS Children’s Village.

“This new initiative will provide opportunities for all Paulig staff to get involved. We are delighted to be working with the SOS Children’s Village and look forward to making a real difference,” Rolf Ladau concluded.

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