14.8.2019 Press release
Santa Maria Coconut Milk has a change of packaging. Aluminium is replaced by cardboard which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 796 tonnes*. This corresponds to 81% of CO2 emissions from packaging. At the same time, the product contains even more coconut giving a fuller flavor. 

Coconut milk is a top seller in the growing Asian category in the Nordic countries. With its mild, characteristic flavor and creamy texture, it plays an important role in many Asian dishes. But now the Santa Maria brand wants to make the product even better, in a double sense. 

"Working with sustainability means taking responsibility for the entire chain  from the purchase of raw materials to finished product. This change of packaging, for example, reduces emissions of greenhouse gases by 796 tonnes. At the same time, we offer the consumer an even better content, free from additives and with a fuller taste, says Therese Arvidsjö, Sustainability Manager at Paulig Group which owns the Santa Maria brand. 

The new coconut milk packaging, which consists of 72% plant-based material, is in store in autumn 2019. 

Read more about the sustainibility work at Paulig Group.

*Based on Santa Maria's annual volume of coconut milk multiplied by the differences in emissions between similar packaging types from an LCA analysis of Ifeu 2017 available at tetrapak.com.