Paulig tells consumers about the journey of coffee beans from plant to cup and invests in the coffee’s sustainable value chain. As sustainability and a profound knowledge of the origin of coffee are prerequisites for the future of coffee, Paulig also visits the countries of origin regularly.

Paulig Coffee’s Sourcing Manager Anna Vänskä has just spent a year touring coffee-producing countries in South and Central America and Africa. On site, she could see in practice what the everyday life of coffee farmers is like and which factors have an impact on the bright future of coffee and could discuss these topics with the farmer communities. For Paulig, the focus is on profitable coffee farming to ensure that there is delicious, high-quality coffee available to future generations, too.

“Knowing the coffee’s origin and background makes a coffee break even more pleasant. A profound knowledge of the origin of coffee is a cornerstone of our sustainability work and I think it is important that we also tell consumers about the different coffee production phases from plant to cup. Our goal is to make the world’s best coffee, which is born only from beans that have gone through a sustainable value chain,” comments Vänskä. She goes on to say:  

“The bright future of coffee is threatened by many different factors, such as climate change and the unprofitability of coffee farming. We are constantly working for the bright future of coffee and our premise is that each party involved in the coffee chain earns a sufficient livelihood and that coffee is grown respecting biodiversity. Indeed, we are committed to ensuring that all of our coffees are verified sustainable, that is: sourced through our partnership programmes or have UTZ, Rainforest Alliance or Fair Trade and Luomu (Organic) certification,” Vänskä summarises.

Win a trip to see happy beans

This autumn, Paulig offers you an opportunity to see how sustainable coffee is grown. Early this autumn, Paula of Paulig, together with the YouTuber Roni Back, will arrange a raffle on YouTube. The winner will travel with them to Colombia to see happy beans in November 2018. The campaign will start on 24 August on Paulig’s YouTube channel. In November, you can follow the trip on Paulig’s and Roni Back’s channels.

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