12.12.2019 Press release
Gold&Green Foods Ltd and UNICEF Finland have signed a three-year partnership agreement for 2020–2022. The cooperation will be seen in Pulled Oats products. Gold&Green Foods has committed to supporting UNICEF’s operations through donations for three years. 

The first step in the cooperation between Gold&Green Foods and UNICEF Finland will be taken in January when 20 cents for every Pulled Oats Nude product package sold during the first months of 2020 will be donated to UNICEF’s work for the most vulnerable children. UNICEF works all over the world to ensure children’s rights to health, shelter, education and equality – also in crisis situations.     

Through the cooperation, Gold&Green Foods also wants to increase awareness of the significance of nutrition in the development of children and adolescents and educate people about the environmental effects of our food-related choices. The themes are strongly connected to the values of Gold&Green Foods and their operations in manufacturing plant-based proteins.  

“We want to change the world one meal at a time, and it’s important for us to participate in building a better future. We wanted to engage in cooperation with UNICEF so that we can be sure that we will help children where help is most acutely needed. The future belongs to children and adolescents, both near and far, so it really does matter what kind of world we leave for them,” says Maija Itkonen, CEO of Gold&Green Foods, talking about the cooperation. She continues:  
“For an individual, food is among the most powerful ways of cutting climate effects, and we want to be part of offering consumers delicious and easy alternatives in their efforts on behalf of the climate.” 

 “We are extremely pleased with the cooperation with Gold&Green Foods. Gold&Green Foods is an innovative company that works for the same values as we do at UNICEF,” says Marja-Riitta Ketola, Secretary General of UNICEF Finland. 

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