18.5.2020 Press release
Paulig has been collaborating with Save the Children since 2004 to support children’s rights. During these years, Paulig has, for instance, initiated a study on children’s rights in the supply chain of our major spices in India. The key findings of the study were that many children were seasonally involved in spice cultivation and, due to helping their families, the children risk missing out on education and leisure time.

As a result, a project with the goal of getting more children to study was initiated. At the start of the project 1,150 children at the ages of 6–14 years old, were not enrolled in school in the 30 villages that were involved in the project. After two years 75% of those children are going to school and they have continued to the next level!

Our ambition is to get all children between the ages of 6–14 years in these villages to complete elementary school in a safe and conductive learning environment. We also aim to raise the quality of the education, which means e.g. focusing on teachers’ skills, school materials and the organisation of the schools.

“I will never forget the spark in her eyes”, says Sandra Flodström, Paulig’s Social Responsibility Specialist when she tells about the little girl in one of the Indian villages where Paulig and Save the Children have worked hard to make a difference.

“I had asked about her favourite book. She was so happy to go to get it and it was obvious that she was proud of the fact that she could now read it!”

Read more about Paulig's sustainability work: https://www.pauliggroup.com/sustainability

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