24.4.2020 Press release
On 23 April 2020, Paulig’s Annual Genereal Meeting elected Petra Teräsaho, Christina Wergens and Mathias Bergman as new ordinary Members of the Board and Peter Rikbrg as the Observer of the Board. In addition, current Members of the Board Jukka Moisio, Christian Köhler, Eduard Paulig and Harri Pulli will continue as members of the Board. Jukka Moisio was appointed as the Chair of the Board. Sarah Tähkälä, Senior Vice President, Legal at Paulig Group, continues as the Secretary on the Board.  

Chair Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, Board Members Jon Sundén and Robin Hallberg and the Observer of the Board Jessica Jungell-Michelsson resigned from the Board at the Annual General Meeting on 23 April 2020. 

Presentations of the new Members of the Board 


Petra Teräsaho is currently Stora Enso Group’s Senior Vice President, Group Controller, and she has extensive experience in the field of finance. In addition, she has worked with marketing, strategy and business development in international companies. Petra Teräsaho holds an M.Sc. (B.A.). 


Christina Wergens has had a long career in the sales, marketing and general management of fast-moving consumer goods. Currently, she is the CEO of GS1 Sweden. Previously, she has acted as a marketing director, working with food and beverages at Unilever, for instance. Christina Wergens holds an MBA in International Business. 


Mathias Bergman has been in the management of the Baltic Sea Action Group for a long time, and he is also a researcher and research director at the University of Helsinki. He is a Docent in Molecular Biology and holds a Ph.D. Mathias Bergman is a member of the Paulig family that owns the company. 

Information on all Members of the Board is available on the company’s website at www.pauliggroup.com 

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