29.10.2020 Press release
On November 6th to 8th, Junction 2020 Connected gathers thousands of hackers and tech enthusiasts from all around the world to simultaneously hack in both physical locations and online. At Paulig, we are honoured to be a main partner this year and invite you to join the journey! Apply to Junction 2020 Connected by November 4th and help us turn data into a value-adding B2B partnership.
Paulig x Junction 2020 Connected

Imagine if, when you went into a coffee shop, ordered your cappuccino and stood there contemplating what kind of sandwich to choose, your barista would be able to suggest one that creates a perfect flavour pair with your beverage. Or, if you ordered tortillas from a restaurant, they would come with that amazing new sauce you had discovered just a few weeks back at your local grocery store and absolutely loved. How on Earth did that happen?

At Paulig, we’re renewing the B2B online store to modern technologies and, in the process, also making it ready for serving wider customer segments than the current drinks and coffee portfolio customers. In the future, they would be buying not just our coffee but also Tex Mex or, say, plant-based proteins for sandwiches or restaurant dishes.

What if that online store also provided complementary access to the kind of data that the small business owner was not able to purchase themselves? What if the data was already crunched to something genuinely valuable for them?

Step into the shoes of the restaurant owner or barista and help us turn data into a value-adding B2B partnership! See the full challenge and apply to Junction 2020 Connected by November 4th.

When the hackathon is over, we promise that the right concept will be given Paulig’s remarkable capacity and digital infrastructure and competency so that it can be developed into the pilot we can then try out in practice.

Learn more about the Junction 2020 Connected hackathon.

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