27.4.2020 Press release
Paulig has become a member of amfori, the world’s leading sustainability system. The membership will support Paulig’s sustainability work and enable, in particular, the comprehensive development of the sustainability of its supply chain on a global level. Paulig’s goal is that all of its raw materials that come from risk areas are verified sustainable by 2030.  


One of Paulig’s values is growing together, and cooperation also has a key role in sustainability work. Paulig became an amfori member, which enables it to influence global decision-making and effectively promote well-being throughout the supply chain.  

“For us, amfori is an important cooperative body, and I consider the cooperation and shared advocacy work carried out through amfori to be significant. It allows companies to effect positive change in global supply chains,” says Lea Rankinen, Paulig’s Director of Sustainability & Public Affairs. 

amfori has nearly 2,500 members in over 40 countries, and the combined turnover of the member companies is over EUR 1 trillion. Through cooperation, companies can promote people’s well-being, responsible use of natural resources and open global trade. 
Paulig has set itself an ambitions goal to become a sustainable frontrunner in the Food and Beverage industry. In 2019, Paulig had around 650 direct suppliers and its raw materials came from over 70 countries. 

“We want our sustainability work to be even more effective. Paulig already sources its coffee from fully verified sustainable sources, but we have decided to set the bar even higher, and our goal is that all of our raw materials that come from risk areas are verified sustainable by 2030. To do this, we need the best practices, tools and joint projects by companies, which we can access through amfori,” says Lea Rankinen 

As an international food industry company, Paulig wants to encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices without compromising on taste or convenience. The Paulig Sustainability Approach 2030 is based on three prioritised UN Sustainable Development Goals: Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal 8), Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12) and Climate Action (Goal 13). 

Read more about amfori:  

Read more about Paulig’s sustainability goals and pauliggroup.com 

For further information, please contact: 
Lea Rankinen 
Director, Sustainability & Public Affairs 
Tel. +358 41 539 4609  

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