Helsinki Coffee Festival, the largest coffee festival in Northern Europe, was held in Helsinki last weekend. At the event, Robert Paulig Roastery, the unique artisan roastery located by the sea in the Tolkkinen district of Porvoo, was chosen as the best roastery in Finland. The coffee from the best roastery in Finland is roasted using biogas and self-produced solar energy. All coffee used by Robert Paulig Roastery is sustainably grown and 100% traceable.

Established over 30 years ago, Robert Paulig Roastery is the oldest artisan roastery in Finland. The roastery employs nine passionate coffee professionals. The roastery tailors and produces coffee blends for food service industry customers. Robert Paulig Roastery’s coffees are delivered to lovers of high-quality coffee in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. In Finland, Robert Paulig Roastery’s coffees are available at, for example, Löyly, Palace with a Michelin star, Café Tin Tin Tango, Café Strindberg as well as Fafa’s, Sandro and Skiffers restaurants.

“Our operations are guided by our passion for good coffee as well as sustainability in everything we do, both in the origin of coffee and here in Finland. Our vision is to make our customers’ coffee ideas a reality, and to do this together with our customers by discussing and tasting different coffees at our artisan roastery located by the sea in Porvoo,” says Jarkko Issukka, Roastery Ambassador for Robert Paulig Roastery.

“This year, the winner of the Finland’s Best Roastery competition was selected on the basis of a public vote, the Filter Coffee of the Year competition and roastery pitching. Robert Paulig Roastery did very well in all of these categories,” says Maija Kestilä of Helsinki Coffee Festival.

Robert Paulig Roastery received a perfect score in the roastery pitching, where judges assessed storytelling and presentation as well as the sustainability of the roastery. The roastery’s Finca El Paraiso Plum coffee took joint second place in the Filter Coffee of the Year competition. A total of 18 coffees competed for the title of Filter Coffee of the Year.

”I’m most proud of this achievement because our customers and coffee fans have been active and proposed us as the best roastery in Finland without any encouragement from us. This tells that our service and products have been successful. This is also a sign for us that our way to create together coffees and coffee related services has a strong attraction. For us, this means that we have together with our customers designed unique coffees and challenged the limits of coffee!” says Issukka.

Sustainability at the heart of operations throughout the coffee chain

Robert Paulig Roastery, located in the Tolkkinen district of Porvoo, uses energy that is locally produced as its coffees are roasted using Finnish biogas and self-produced solar energy. We also invest in sustainable actions in the origin of coffee, where we support the well-being of farmer communities and educate farmers on how to grow coffee sustainably and profitably.

Robert Paulig Roastery will also start using more eco-friendly packaging materials towards the end of the year. The new aluminium-free packages can be recycled as plastic. 

Robert Paulig Roastery is a part of Paulig’s Coffee Division. Paulig’s roastery came third in the Finland’s Best Roastery competition. Paulig also took part in the coffee competitions held at the event and was ranked among the best. Paulig Kulma’s espresso was recognised as the third best espresso. A total of 14 espressos took part in the competition.