3.1.2019 Press release
In 2014, Paulig made a promise that all of the coffee beans used by the company would come from verified sustainable sources by the end of 2018. This promise was kept and today, as one of the first large roasteries in the world to exclusively use sustainable coffee beans, Paulig is a coffee industry forerunner in terms of its sourcing principles.

Paulig has a long-term commitment to sustainability. The company’s sourcing and sustainability efforts are based on profound knowledge of the origin of coffee. Paulig’s ethical principles for sourcing have guided our operations for a long time, and our cooperation partners in the countries of origin have committed to comply with the same principles.

“You can’t change the world overnight and you can’t do it alone. The verification of sustainability has required dialogue and collaboration. In 2014, when we made the promise that all of our coffee will come from verified sustainable sources, all of the high-quality coffee that Paulig uses was not available as verified sustainable,” says Paulig’s Supply Chain Director Katariina Aho.

“During the past five years, we have worked with our partners to add certified coffees to our selection while also developing our supply chains, launching new partnership programmes in the countries of origin and verifying our sources of green coffee. Our actions set an example for the entire coffee industry to follow. We are one of the first large roasteries in the world to use only verified sustainable coffee beans,” Aho adds.

Paulig’s sustainability efforts in the countries of origin support more than 100,000 coffee farmers

Paulig exclusively uses Fairtrade, certified organic or UTZ certified coffee as well as coffee sourced through verified sustainable partnership programmes. Over the years, Paulig has helped more than 100,000 coffee farmers through its partnership programmes. Paulig currently has partnership programmes in 12 countries, the latest projects having been started during the past few years in Africa, South America and Central America. Paulig’s partners include International Coffee Partners, Coffee & Climate, Fairtrade and coffee export companies, among others.

“We buy more than 50 million kilograms of green coffee annually. This corresponds to the annual production of over 75,000 average-sized coffee farms. This means that our decisions and sustainability efforts have a genuine impact and we focus on sustainable development in all areas of our operations. For example, we are committed to ensuring that all of our coffee packages will be made from 100% renewable raw materials by 2025,” Katariina Aho explains.

Paulig uses 370 billion verified sustainable beans per year

Paulig produces more than 100 million packages of coffee annually. In Finland the coffee is roasted in using biogas. If the 370 billion coffee beans sourced by Paulig from sustainable sources were lined up, they would go around the globe as many as 68 times.

Paulig’s Supply Chain Director Katariina Aho tells more in her blog post and video what achieving the goal means to her.

More information on Paulig’s sustainability efforts is available at www.paulig.com/sustainability