6.8.2019 Press release
Taco dinner will become climate smarter! That states Paulig when introducing a new Santa Maria tortilla packaging that has had part of the plastic replaced by paper. The new innovative packaging means 35% lower climate impact* and 150 tonnes less plastic compared to the former packaging solution.

Tortillas are one of the Finnish food company Paulig Group’s most popular products; every year 370 million Santa Maria tortillas are sold. The biggest markets are Finland, Sweden and Norway, but Santa Maria tortillas are appreciated in a vast number of countries around the world.

Obviously, it gives an extra positive effect on our climate footprint when we make significant changes to a top-seller like this. By replacing part of the plastic material on the upperpart of the product, we save 150 tonnes of plastic. That corresponds to 6 million half liter plastic bottles! And this is just the beginning. We work actively to introduce even better packages for both tortillas and other products in our assortment, says Jenny Odéhn Hejdenberg, Head of Brand & Portfolio at Paulig.

Therese Arvidsjö, Sustainability Manager for food category at Paulig, adds:

By 2025, our target is to have replaced or removed at least 25% of all plastic packaging in our Santa Maria assortment and 100% of our packaging material in all our categories is to be recycled, recyclable or renewable.

The new Santa Maria tortilla packages are fully recyclable: the paper cover of the package is sorted for paper collection and the bottom for plastic collection. Santa Maria tortillas with the new packaging will be available in stores in autumn 2019.

*Compared to former packaging. Calculated by IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet (Swedish Environmental Institute).


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