One of the most frequently asked questions in our consumer service is: “How to recycle the coffee packet?” The packet can be sorted in plastic recycling bins or, if unavailable, in mixed waste.

Paulig’s goal is to use functional, high-quality packaging materials in the coffee packet to protect the coffee product while minimising the environmental impact. The most important task of the packaging material is to ensure the storage life of the coffee, in other words, to protect it from light, oxygen and moisture. Paulig coffee is packaged in three-layer laminate with a thin sheet of aluminium between two layers of plastic. 

Whole beans are sold in a soft bag entirely made of plastic.

All of Paulig’s coffee packets, both those containing aluminium and packages made entirely of plastic, can be sorted in the Rinki Oy plastic collection bins or, in the Helsinki region, in the plastic packaging waste containers arranged by HSY for residential buildings. 

You can also dispose of the packets with mixed waste, meaning that they will be burned and utilised in energy production.

The amount of aluminium in the packet is so small that the packet should not be sorted in metal recycling bins.

For more information on sorting and the locations of the Rinki collection points, please visit:

With warm coffee greetings, Marjo from consumer service