Paulig purpose

At Paulig we stand for a life full of flavour – renewing ourselves, looking for new flavours, solutions and ways of working. We strive to develop and stay relevant through time and do good for consumers, customers, partners, employees and the environment. 

Life is about moments – the big and the small ones. From enjoying a morning coffee at home or on the go to having a delicious dinner together with family and friends. We care for and cherish these moments by offering the flavours of the world to people wherever they are and whatever they do. By putting people and the planet first, we ensure these moments are possible also in the future.

Exploring the world for new flavours has been from the beginning and will continue to be the very essence of what we do.

Our Values

Our culture is based on our values, which were found by our employees – a group called the Culture Explorers. We are proud of these values that shape the character of our company. They not only guide how we think and behave, but also influence the way we make decisions, both as individuals and as an organisation.

Stay Curious

We look for new insights about the habits and lives of our consumers
We continuously seek and explore great flavours and tastes 
We embrace innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit 
We have the courage to challenge and to seek new answers

Strive for Excellence

We are target-oriented and aim for results in everything we do
We value quality in every aspect of our profession and business 
We are proactive, fast, and push ourselves towards continuous improvement 
We have a genuine commitment to a sustainable way of working

Grow Together

We build long-term partnerships with our customers and other stakeholders 
We encourage diversity because it helps us to achieve more 
We lead by personal example and empower our people to grow 
We approach challenges as a team because together we bring more perspectives