The home of quality coffee

Rich and excellent coffee has always been a vital part of Paulig and our quest of Exploring Great Taste. True entrepreneurship and the ability to stay ahead and create new trends characterise the work of the Coffee division. The explanation is our expertise and tradition that stretch back to 1876 when Gustav Paulig founded the company.

Paulig Coffee holds a strong market position in Finland and the Baltics. In Russia we are the second largest supplier of roasted coffee. Paulig Coffee sells and markets roasted coffee, ready coffee drinks, chocolate drinks and filter services. A wide range of brand products, continuing product development, seamless quality control, responsibility from bean to cup, and creating new coffee trends are the hallmarks of Paulig.

Paulig Professional – the Out-of-Home business of Paulig Coffee – is just not only selling products and equipment: we help our customers succeed in their coffee business. It all starts with an in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs. From a comprehensive portfolio Paulig Professional tailors the total solution that best suits each customer’s needs and circumstances, including not only high-quality coffee but also everything else that is needed to provide a wonderful coffee experience for the consumer. You can now find equipment, maintenance services, financing options, sales support and coffee-related personnel training under one roof.