13.8.2019 Article

Paulig’s new SVP, Supply Chain & Sourcing Thomas Panteli is impressed by Paulig’s history and its motivated employees. The avid ice hockey fan Panteli appreciates teamwork skills at home and inside the ice hockey rink. “As a leader, I want to build functioning teams and help people and the organization reach their goals.”

Paulig’s SVP, Supply Chain & Sourcing Thomas Panteli is astonished. Paulig’s employees’ passion for their work and pride in their employer has already deeply impressed him.

“Wow, what a company and story Paulig has! Companies where the history and values are so present in the employees’ work are truly rare. Everyone has been friendly and so proud of the quality of Paulig’s products and the sustainability work their employer does,” Panteli explains.

Thomas Panteli is a member of the Management Team and lives in Copenhagen. However, most of his working time is spent travelling and visiting Paulig’s factories around the world.

“I want to spend most of my working time at the factories and, naturally, with my team but also engaging with the local Commercial and Supply Chain organizations. That is how we understand the challenges in our business and how we can be support. There are approximately three to four travelling days each week,” Panteli says.

Panteli has twenty+ years of experience Supply Chain management & General Management at companies such as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and FoodService Denmark.

He thinks that the most important task in his job is to ensure that consumers receive high-quality products and services.

“The moment of truth—i.e., when our products hit the retailers’ shelves—inspires me so much. I like to pop into stores and markets to see what our products look like there. In the end, all work is essentially about making sure consumers are happy and love our products.”

Teamwork determines success — even in ice hockey

Panteli confesses to being an avid ice hockey fan, and even his son is into the sport. He thinks that Finland winning the world championship in spring 2019 is a good example of a team gaining a hard-won victory.

“Finland’s win was proof of the power of teams instead of highlighting individuals. In ice hockey, it is enjoyable to see how the players enjoy playing together.  The team with the best teamwork is usually the one who wins — the same goes for the corporate world.”

As a leader, Panteli thinks his strength is the ability to build teams.

“I want to build functioning teams and help people reach their goals.”

Significance spices up motivation

Thomas Panteli enjoys good food and coffee. He especially enjoys tasty Mexican food, as his cousin lives in Mexico. From Paulig’s products, his family makes the most use out of Santa Maria tortillas and chili sauces.

“The secret to Mexican food is its flavour and easiness. It’s easy to vary the foods and prepare them quickly for your family. As basically, everyone loves Mexican food”

During his free time, Panteli reads many books, everything from politics to business. The last books to impress him were Simon Sinek’s books that addresses how companies can create a true purpose of what they do and that purpose can create a motivated organization.

“Companies that can give their employees stronger reasons to work than just the salary—the feeling of significance—are the ones that succeed.”

Thomas Panteli

  • Work: Paulig’s SVP, Supply Chain & Sourcing
  • Career: Panteli has worked for twenty years with Supply Chain management & General Management at companies such as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and FoodService Denmark
  • Hobbies: “Sports and family. When I am at home, I want to dedicate my time to my family. I also play squash and go to the gym. In addition, I enjoy spending time by the ice hockey rink when my son is playing.”
  • Motto: “It is incredible what can be achieved, when you do not mind who gets the credit.”

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