28.5.2018 Article

I have been working at Paulig Snacks for 15 years now. As Maintenance Manager for the chips factory, together with my team of 25 technical people, I am responsible for all machines used in production.  This goes from selecting the best supplier for the purchase of new machines, to maintaining the machines and helping to solve technical stops. It's definitely not an office job. The maintenance department is a service department for production: together with the production team, we aim to find the best solution for technical issues and increasing production speed.

Every day is different. I like working in the production environment instead of working behind my desk all day. By talking to suppliers I learn something new every day, which gives me a lot of satisfaction.

During the past years at Paulig, I had the chance to follow different trainings. It's always inspiring to continue to learn new things that are useful in your daily work and to be able to work together with colleagues from other counties and other divisions during these trainings.
 To me, good taste means enjoying a good meal. This can be a simple spaghetti vongole, or a huge BBQ.  I am member of a cooking club, where we prepare every month a four-course meal. It's all about the right ingredients and preparation: in one of my favorite restaurants I once ate a small dish with only one green bean. This one bean was so delicious! I'm still trying to understand how it could be prepared so good.

In my work I always keep the good taste and high quality of food in mind, by buying high quality machines that can deliver the best products.