28.5.2018 Article

I have been working for Paulig for 4 years, since March 2014 as a Coffee Trainer. I like to share my knowledge about coffee and through training to our customers in Estonia I also give my best to develop our local coffee culture. I am really proud about having trained all my colleagues in Estonia, so all of them are certified SCA certified baristas. I learn a lot of new things every day as the coffee world is constantly changing, and that is what I am passionate about. I am proud to be a part of Paulig team as we are trendsetters in the Baltics.

The whole Coffee Trainer’s work is inspiring for me: to find out new taste nuances, to see the clients getting better in their work, and also successful projects, such as the Olerex gas stations coffee project in Estonia this year. And also a big inspiration is my team and other colleagues around me.

To me, good taste throughout the whole coffee chain from coffee farm to the cup is very important. And also the aftertaste that people have after having a good cup of coffee. I personally prefer single origin coffees because of their clean and bright taste. My latest favorites are Central American coffees, like Costa Rica and Nicaragua, for their soft and sweet aftertaste.

Mihkel Jürimaa, Coffee trainer, Paulig Coffee