13.6.2019 Article

Paulig’s new Coffee Ambassador Iinaroosa Kanth is passionate about the food industry and new digital platforms. So far, the most memorable coffee moment of the newly selected brand ambassador, dubbed “Paulig’s Inkku”, has been when she heard of being selected as the new Coffee Ambassador. “I couldn’t finish my coffee; I had tears of joy.”

Paulig’s new Coffee Ambassador Iinaroosa Kanth likes to roam around in nature. One of her favourite spots is the Lammassaari rocks located close to the Arabianranta neighbourhood in Helsinki. She sits and gazes at the sea there. She always brings with her a thermos filled with coffee – preferably Kanth’s favourite, Paulig’s Café Sydney City coffee.

“For me, nature means peace and freedom. It’s great to go for a walk with your own thoughts and listen to the surrounding nature. In nature, coffee tastes special, too. On the other hand, I’m a very sociable person who loves to be silly – my family of seven, my boyfriend and my friends mean the world to me,” says Kanth, describing herself.

Dubbed as “Paulig’s Inkku”, the new Coffee Ambassador had recently graduated as a Master of Food Sciences when she heard Paulig was looking for a new Coffee Ambassador. The role of the Coffee Ambassador sounded like a dream job that combines two of Kanth’s passions: food culture and marketing.

“Social media is a very natural way of self-expression for me. My own interests are strongly in social media, digital platforms and marketing. In addition, I have studied food sciences, which explains my natural interest in companies like Paulig,” says Kanth.

Impressed by Paulig’s story

What is Kanth like on social media?

In her new job, she plans to dive into the wonderful world of coffee together with consumers and bring out facts about coffee culture without forgetting her own persona and a casual approach.

“I have been given free rein to be myself. My own personality will show through strongly; I promise you that.”

Kanth is impressed by Paulig’s history.

“I also intend to present the great story of the family-owned company that I fell in love with. Having grown up in a large family, I think it’s great that a family-owned company has succeeded in turning itself into an international success story.”

Iinaroosa Kanth2

Coffee Ambassador wants to make people smile

Kanth is Paulig’s 20th Coffee Ambassador. The traditional role is always current and it has changed a lot over the years. Visits to shops are a thing of days gone by. Traditionally, the Coffee Ambassador has worn a national costume typical to the Sääksmäki region. The fabric is still seen in Kanth’s outfit in a modern way, characteristic to Paulig’s Inkku. Kanth wears a work outfit sewn of the Sääksmäki fabric. It includes a pair of trousers and a jacket, a wraparound dress and a pair of earrings designed together with Finnish design brand Uhana Design.

Paulig’s Inkku is a modern explorer of the coffee world and a social media content producer. The Coffee Ambassador navigates the platforms where its target groups are. Paulig wants to be easily accessible and engage in even stronger interaction with young people.

“I think the most important task of a Coffee Ambassador is to create relatable content for people and make them smile. I want to get people interested in the enticing and diverse world of coffee – to spread the good news of coffee.”

Iinaroosa Kanth1

News of the job brought tears to her eyes

Employer’s sustainability means a great deal to Kanth. She could never imagine working for a company if the operations don’t follow her own values.

“It’s great to work for a company that thinks of the environment and acts sustainably on a wider scale. Paulig carries out many great and concrete actions. For instance, when I heard of the objective that, by year 2025, all coffee packages will be manufactured of renewable raw materials, all I could say was ‘wow’.”

Kanth’s maybe most memorable coffee moment is when she heard that she had been selected as Paulig’s new Coffee Ambassador.

“I was on a coffee break in my previous job when I got the call and heard that I’d got the job. I couldn’t finish my coffee. I had tears of joy.”

Iinaroosa Kanth neliö

Iinaroosa Kanth

  • Occupation: Paulig’s Coffee Ambassador, “Paulig’s Inkku”
  • Education: Master of Food Sciences
  • Hobbies: “I used to play basketball when I was younger, and now I roam through nature more and go to the gym. Currently, I’m looking for some new inspiration when it comes to hobbies. I’m interested in, for instance, CrossFit.”
  • Motto: “Food is life”
  • Favourite food: “Mum’s macaroni casserole and Dad’s meatballs”