26.8.2021 Press release
Paulig continues to develop the assortment in a sustainable direction. With the new launches Carrot and Beetroot tortillas as well as Santa Maria spice mixes and crispy strips, Paulig wishes to meet the increasing consumer demand for variation and vegetarian options.

Together with Norway, Sweden is the biggest Tex Mex eating country outside Mexico. And as many as 40%* of the Swedish population state that they enjoy "Cozy Fridays" - typically including tacos - several times a week. At the same time, 23% state that they want to eat more vegetarian meals and almost 6 out of 10** already choose a vegetarian option at least once a week.

- Varying your diet with vegetarian alternatives is the new normal, rather than a trend. Through innovation and communications we want make it easier for the consumer to extend their repertoire of recipes but also help them eat more plant-based. At the same time, of course, it should always taste fantastic, says Niklas Larsson, Marketing Manager at Paulig in Sweden.


With beetroot and carrot, Santa Maria's new tortillas are given a naturally sweet and mild taste. Perfect for a green lunch or veggie tacos with the kids.

The Tex Mex meal could also easily be made greener with three new spice mixes, giving tacos a new dimension: one spice mix for enchiladas with chili bean and cheese, one for chili and lime tacos and one for bean and corn taco.

In addition, Santa Maria presents a Limited edition product in the form of Crispy Corn Tortilla Strips - crispy chips in a new dip-friendly format, easy to hold and dip in sauce without smudging. And they come with a brand new taste: Sweet Chili. 

The new products will be available in stores in selected markets from end of August 2021. 


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