Our approach to sustainability

arvotOur mission Exploring Great Taste means more to us than just the taste experience in itself. It is also about taking responsibility for people and the environment and about the way we work. Everything we do should leave a good taste in the mouth.

Commitment to high quality, a long-term view and a sense of responsibility have been Paulig Group’s core values since 1876 when Gustav Paulig founded the company. The Group’s responsibility extends far beyond its own operations. Our business is strongly tied to raw materials that come from all over the world. This has a direct bearing on the Group’s ability to succeed for the next 140 years. To enable this we need to take care of sustainability – i.e. people, profit and planet throughout the value chain.

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Our mission, values and ethical principles steer us in business


Building a successful business means responsible choices, decisions and actions every day. We always comply with the existing legislation, regulations and norms of our operating countries. We act fairly and ethically and take responsibility for our actions. We respect the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.