Great tastes from destinations, near and far, have always been a part of Paulig Group. Our curiosity and passion for good food has helped us to explore new meals and irresistible flavours from all around the world. In the Paulig Foods division we have a strong focus on food concepts and trends.

Our brands are:

Santa Maria is the leading seasoning brand on the Nordic market. Our product concepts are Spices, Tex Mex, Thai Food, Indian Food and BBQ.  We take care to constantly provide the best in spices and exciting seasonings from around the world, from the raw ingredients - to the kitchens of home och professional cooks.

Risenta stands for naturally healthy food, which is natural, good and gives you energy. In addition to our classic Risenta products in the yellow packages, we are constantly launching new products. By offering products and inspiring more people to eat healthy, we want to support the wellbeing of people. 

Gold&Green Pulled Oats has revolutionized plant-based food, without renouncing the protein. The protein is not only 100% vegan and free from additives, Pulled Oats also contains more protein than for instance chicken.