23.10.2018 Article

I started my career in tea industry and then one frosty autumn morning I came to Paulig company for the first time. That day when I opened the door of Paulig’s office in Moscow the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee just knocked me off my feet and I realized that I really want to work here. A funny fact – before Paulig I had never drunk natural coffee, so within the company I explored the great taste. And now it has been 6 years already how I start the day with favorite coffee in my hands.

I joined Paulig as Key Account Specialist and that time I was responsible for our largest Russian customer. I always dreamed to have not only personal results but also to gain success as a team leader, that’s how I became Sales Group Head Moscow. One year later my responsibility area increased, I had new reporting employees, new regions (Southern and Central parts of Russia), new sales channels including local HoReCa, wholesale and retail contracts and distributors.

In Paulig we have a lot of opportunities for professional development, it is also important that we have an excellent chance of experiencing great taste in Paulig coffee as well as in Santa Maria products. This is what allows me to become brands ambassador among my friends and partners.

For me, the company's products are not just food, they bring bright emotions every day! It is like a combination of City New York hot coffee cup and freshly baked strudel with Santa Maria cinnamon. Just try it!