28.5.2018 Article

I am Paulig’s Head of Cupping, and I have worked here for a total of 33 years.

Much of my work involves cupping, so my work includes the classification and cupping of arriving coffee varieties, maintaining recipes, developing new products and assessing the quality and consistency of the end product using my senses.

No indicator other than taste can be used to ensure the flavour of the coffee.

In my work, I am inspired by how interesting, surprising, enthralling and also unpredictable coffee is as a natural product.  It’s amazing how many flavours and nuances coffee can have. Creating blends, in particular, is rewarding when you succeed in finding the desired and planned flavour. The atmosphere at work also has a great and significant effect on everything.

Good taste means pleasure and satisfaction to me.  Good taste isn’t something that can be taken for granted; it’s something we have to work for. When all the aspects have been carefully selected and checked, it is rewarding to experience and share that moment of good taste.