Paulig’s new coffee roastery has been inaugurated

The newly completed coffee roastery of Finland’s leading coffee company, Gustav Paulig Ltd, was inaugurated today. With state-of-the-art technology, the roastery was built with long-lasting materials, is environmentally friendly and of high architectural standards. The value of the investment was almost 120 million euros. The new unit is in the Vuosaari harbour business park in Helsinki and it will complete roughly 100 million coffee packages a year for Finland and the export market.
Paulig today celebrated the inauguration of the new roastery in a festive atmosphere. The biggest industrial investment in the company’s history, the almost 120 million euro project has reached completion after more than ten years in planning. The timetable and budget held, in spite of an overall increase in building costs. The new roastery is one of the largest in Europe. The company’s previous roastery in the centre of Vuosaari was in service for more than 40 years.
“The substantial investment indicates our faith in the future. We planned the construction of the new roastery for a long time and we prepared for the project with care. We now have excellent prospects for continuing the production of quality coffee with our professionals in Finland – close to Finnish coffee-drinkers,” says Executive Chairman Bertel Paulig.
Sustainable values were emphasised in the construction
Paulig’s new roastery and offices are in the same building. The building was designed by Tommila Architects Ltd and Lemcon Ltd operated as a main contractor. The modern, enjoyable, efficient and environmentally friendly coffee roastery also looks like a roastery. The roasters are visible through a glass wall as you enter the building, and the rust-brown Cor-Ten cladding will darken over the years into a beautiful coffee-brown. Particular care has also been taken over the interior design. The entire building’s interiors, including the manufacturing facilities, were designed by Studio Bergroth.
“In this project, the guiding concept has been to use more intelligence than iron. Solutions have been thought through carefully from the perspectives of efficiency, on-the-job wellbeing and environmental friendliness. For example, the preheated roasters conserve energy substantially,” says Production Director Minna Forsström, who directed the roastery project from the outset.
The newly completed building houses the roastery and office premises in one building. The roastery is the workplace for about 200 employees. It will produce coffee not only for Finland but also for the Russian and Baltic market. The new roastery’s premises will accommodate, in addition to Gustav Paulig Ltd, the Group parent company Paulig Ltd, Santa Maria Finland Ltd and parts of Puljonki Oy.
Paulig’s new roastery won the Steel Structure of the Year award for 2009 in November that year.
Industry important for the capital city
The location next to Vuosaari harbour is convenient for Paulig, but it was not self-evident. The question of staying in Helsinki was weighed up carefully. Vuosaari is logistically an excellent location, as Paulig gets the green coffee for its new roastery straight from the harbour without road transport. Some 55 million kilos or more than 2,500 containers of coffee will be brought to the roastery per year.
Mayor Jussi Pajunen, who gave a speech at the inauguration of the roastery, was pleased that Paulig had stayed in the vicinity.
“It is excellent that a company which has operated for decades in our city will remain a citizen of Helsinki and the industrial tradition will continue. This has great importance both for the capital city and for its business. Paulig and the city of Helsinki have long engaged in constructive cooperation, particularly in developing Vuosaari. As a Finn I also value products made to match Finnish tastes.”
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