Paulig sells its old roastery plot to the builder Palmberg

Paulig Ltd has signed a contract with the construction company Oy Alfred A. Palmberg Ab, a member of the Lemminkäinen Group, for the sale of its old roastery area. The plot will be freed up in autumn 2009 when Paulig relocates to its new roastery in the Vuosaari harbour business park. Palmberg will begin the redevelopment of the Coffee District in 2010.
“Negotiations for the sale of the Coffee District, which have continued for the past year or two, have now been completed. We are very pleased that the buyer is known for his quality construction and that the entire area could be sold as a single lot to one company,” say Real Estate Director Ari Partanen and Group Treasurer Riitta Helaniemi, who were responsible for the sale.
The demolition of the existing buildings in the roastery area will begin in January 2010.
An enjoyable residential area close to the sea and the metro
The residential area in the plot, which is scheduled for roughly 2,000 residents, will have 71,000 square metres of permitted building volume. The area will be divided into four residential estates, including and separated by park-style grounds and open spaces. These four estates will have a total of 16 apartment buildings.
The Coffee District is close to the sea and also near to the metro station and services. The interior grounds of the blocks will be broad and enjoyable. The parking facilities will be in underground car parks. The areas between the blocks will be open to all, and these will also include some commercial facilities.
“The demolition of the current roastery building and the construction of residential buildings in its place is a major step in the development of Vuosaari’s city centre and it will increase amenity values for the local residents. At the same time, central Vuosaari will get the look that has been planned for it for a long time, including a boulevard leading from the Columbus shopping centre to the sea,” reports Ari Partanen.
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